Modern technology provides many possibilities for farmers in agriculture. It is very sustainable in agriculture.

But somehow humans are still better than modern technology.

Modern technology has a lot of advantages of modern technology in agriculture but it also has many disadvantages which we cannot ignore.

The main purpose of this article is for farmers to know how modern technology is beneficial for them in agriculture and how modern technology is harmful to them in agriculture.

Now I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in agriculture.

Advantages of Modern Technology in Agriculture

  • Modern technology increases productivity. Agriculture has seen a significant boost in productivity as a result of contemporary technology; farmers can now complete more work with less effort and in less time. There are several sophisticated technology instruments and machines that can help farmers boost their farming production. In agriculture, tractors, automatic in-row weeders, robotic lettuce harvesters, carrot harvesters and separators, and other technology machines are utilized to boost productivity. Farmers operate more efficiently with the help of current technology since it decreases the amount of work they have to do in the field. And, of course, the farmers’ production will rise.
  • Modern technology saves money. Farmers can save money by using modern technology in agriculture. Farmers may operate more efficiently, with less effort, and in less time with the help of contemporary technologies. Work that once needed a large number of people and a long period of time can now be completed quickly and cheaply using contemporary technology. Farmers are not required to pay an additional fee for the farmer’s services. It can help farmers save a lot of money.
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Modern Technology Reduce the Efforts of the Farmers. The primary goal of modern technology is to lower people’s labor efforts so that they can work more efficiently. Farmers’ efforts in agriculture are greatly reduced by modern technologies. If some farming tasks demand a large number of farmers and a lot of effort, they can be simply completed by contemporary technology with less efforts and farmers.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology in Agriculture

·        Reduce the Fertility of the Soil. Excessive use of technology in the fields depletes the soil’s fertility. One of the most serious drawbacks of technology in agriculture is that it diminishes soil fertility. The soil of the fields is harmed and fertility is reduced as a result of excessive use of technology. Fertilizers and chemicals can boost productivity, but they can deplete soil fertility over time. Excessive use of fertilizers and many chemicals developed for agriculture can also harm the soil.

  • Lack of Education in Farmers. The majority of farmers are uneducated, making it difficult for them to comprehend how contemporary technology may be used in farming. They farm in traditional ways, and using modern technology in farming is tough for them since they don’t comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of using technology in agriculture. This is also one of the disadvantages of current agriculture technology; not everyone can easily employ modern agriculture technology. The majority of farmers are unable to properly operate modern technological devices and machines.
  • Environmental Damage. Most technological machines and devices produce pollutions in our climate which is very harmful to us. The overuse of tractors, trucks and many other big types of machines produce dangerous chemical gases and carbon dioxide in our environment. Which makes our environment polluted and harmful for humans and other living things. I think this is the most dangerous effect of modern technology on our environment.
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All of the above are the benefits and drawbacks of current agricultural technology; I hope you have read them all. The use of new modern technology inventions in agriculture is extremely advantageous to farmers. It facilitates and improves the efficiency with which farmers labor in agriculture. In agriculture, you may see a lot of sophisticated technology instruments and machines in use. It saves farmers in agriculture a lot of time and work. Farmers can do a lot of work in a short amount of time with the help of current technology. Modern technology, on the other hand, have some negative consequences that we must overlook. I’m not arguing that technology machines and devices shouldn’t be used in agriculture.


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