Everyone is so focused on the online world that they’ve forgotten there are still lucrative offline ways to generate money in Nigeria, and no, they don’t involve stealing.

Making money in the real world does not entail abandoning the digital world. You will use digital tools and strategies to supplement your offline business and increase revenue.

People who earn their living exclusively online are just like you in every other respect; they just don’t have to physically meet with customers or employees to conduct business.

If you want to generate money, though, you’ll be doing it offline while potentially taking advantage of online resources. This means you’ll have to interact with customers in person, but the Internet could help you close the deal.

In this article, you will find in-depth information on how to generate money offline as a Nigerian from me, Benjamin, the founder and head instructor of one of the top and growing freelancing brands across the globe.

In addition, I will advise you on practical methods you may take to increase your offline earnings through sales.

We’re aware that most of your business occurs outside of the online realm, but know that expanding your digital presence is essential if you want to increase your revenue.

Enough already; now let’s talk about some legal ways you can make money in Nigeria.


Offline Moneymaking Opportunities in Nigeria

A Career in Real Estate

Launching an Export/Import Company

Animal husbandry

Merchandising of electronic devices

Making Soap

There are more than five things you can do offline to earn money, but I want to be specific. That’s why all of these jobs pay so well.

What exactly will I be talking about when we’re under there? I will describe the nature of these enterprises, the steps necessary to launch a successful venture, and the difficulties you can expect to encounter.

Most articles you read online will gloss over the difficulties you’ll face because they want you to believe that making money online is easy.

I don’t mean to frighten you away; these difficulties are nothing to be alarmed about, and I’ll show you how to overcome them. To keep the light on, all you need is a lot of illumination.

Offline Commerce in Nigeria: a lucrative Venture


Real estate agents are responsible for the purchase, rental, and sale of residential properties.

While it’s true that this is one of the most profitable offline businesses, it also takes a significant investment to get off the ground.

I will, however, let you in on a little secret I picked up from watching a senior coworker of mine get his start in the real estate field.

First of all, he knows what it takes to make it as a realtor, and he knows that rapid expansion requires an initial financial investment.


But that’s exactly what he did: he became an agent for a chain of modest hostels whose clients are primarily students. He matured and found his footing over time.

Right now, he seems to be doing fine…

Being a student hostel agent comes with its own unique set of difficulties, as there is no guarantee that your clients will like the type of living situation you are introducing them to.

If you are a hostel agent for Lagos State University, for example, you may anticipate having students who need housing each month, but who will only be able to secure it when school starts again.

Getting into the import/export trade

I tried this once while I was a student and decided against it because of how much time it would take away from my studies. But I’m considering joining shortly.

You can make a profit by importing goods from China and reselling them in Nigeria due to the low prices at which Chinese-made items can be purchased in Nigeria.

If you are interested in learning more about making money through imports and exports, you will need to look into a completely separate subject. You can share your thoughts by commenting on this topic; doing so will encourage me to write more helpful articles like this. As a result, this will be an all-encompassing starting a-business guide with a special focus on the import/export industry.


Animal husbandry

The production of livestock has traditionally made it a successful industry, and it requires little in the way of initial investment.

Get a small pen to house your animals (5–10), invest in quality feed, and then sit back and watch as your business flourishes.

Most people will not advise you how to turn a profit in this venture right now, and by that they mean how to sell the livestock. A strong online presence is essential to the success of this offline venture.

You need a website if you want to maximize your sales, and one can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, depending on who makes it and where it is hosted.

If you can’t afford a website, you may always hire someone to run effective advertisements on your behalf. If you need help with advertising or website design, I can help.

Making Soap

Because soap is so useful, all you have to do to reap the benefits is receive some training and put together a simple system.

You may start creating soap right in your own neighborhood, and there’s always the opportunity for expansion if you want to take it to the next level.

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