“I Regret The Day I Bought It For You” – Portable Takes Back Car From His Signee, Young Duu

Portable, a Nigerian artist, has requested that one of his signees, Young Duu, return the automobile that he had purchased for him.

According to screenshots of their chat, Portable complained that Young Duu’s car, which he had given to him as a gift in July, had not been properly maintained.

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Young Duu was told by Portable to bring the car back to his Zazu bar because he thought his signee was unlucky. He described how he gave Yung Duu a ride on the same day that he lost his own car.

Portable further criticized Yung Duu for being ungrateful, despite the support he had provided, and accused him of displaying fake love.

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He compared Young Duu’s behavior with that of his latest signee, Abuga, who received a car from Portable, but Yung Duu allegedly did not post about it.

Portable claimed that Young Duu had downplayed the car he was given and expressed relief that he did not lose his life due to his signee’s perceived bad luck.

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Throughout Portable’s rant, Young Duu attempted to prove his loyalty and share his perspective on the situation.

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