“If any artistes I sign leave my label, I’ll collect all the carry and gift I gave him and still beæt him up” – Portable spill amid fiight With Young Duu

Controversial street-hop artist Portable has stated that if any of his artists chose to leave his record label, “Zeh Nation,” he will take back whatever automobile he has given them.

This follows the scandal that has surrounded his recent conflict with Young Duu, one of his coworkers, whom he demanded return his car from.

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Portable promised to take back any car he gave to his coworkers during an Instagram live session with his followers. He claimed that the record label owns all the vehicles he purchases for his musicians.

He added that the other musicians only contribute a small amount to the record label’s revenue, while he earns the most of it.

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Portable said:

“Do you know how many record labels that have signed Abuga before I signed him and gave him fame? Use your brain bro. No enviousness. No ripping. Zeh Nation.

“However, I will collect all the cars I bought for Youngiduu and Abuga when they leave Zeh Nation. The cars are the record label’s properties. I’m the one promoting the record label. I’m the top artist of the record label. I’m the one making all the money for the record label.”

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