It’s time to stop fake life, Sapa Don Finally Touch Mummy Of Lagos”–Reaction As Bobrisky Video Taking Garri With Groundnut and guinea fowl (Watch)

The well-known Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, commonly referred to as Bobrisky, has once again sparked online conversations with a video that recently emerged. In the video, Bobrisky, who often goes by the title “Mummy of Lagos,” was spotted enjoying a meal of garri and groundnut with Guinea fowl.

Bobrisky is renowned for his extravagant lifestyle and boasts about owning expensive items. However, the video of him consuming garri has elicited a range of reactions from people online.

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Without concern for public opinion, Bobrisky was visibly seen adding groundnut to the garri that had been prepared with cold water. He proceeded to stir the garri and groundnut mixture and began drinking it. Later, he complemented the meal by consuming a roasted guinea fowl. Watch the video below;

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As anticipated, the video has sparked a variety of responses. Some believe Bobrisky is genuinely enjoying life, while others suggest that the change in lifestyle is due to financial difficulties brought on by “Sapa,” a term used to describe tough economic times. See reactions below; @Gene_sis0: Nobody enjoy life reach Bobrisky for Lagos. @_Faithforyou: Fake life una…. Dem go soon return that chicken to freezer.

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@chydon15: Why shim Dey sprinkle the groundnut like salt? @_Faithforyou: Sapa nay your mate? Bob couldn’t afford KFC anymore 😹😹😹. @lincolnbright0: He’s trying to show us how to drink garri with she eating gini bissa bissa meat. @dammiedammie35: She’s eating like a man that he is.

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