Late Mohbad’s wife is a bigger suspect than Naira Marley and Sam Larry – VeryDarkBlackMan shares revelations (Watch Video)

Instagram Influencer VeryDarkBlackMan in a latest video making the rounds online confirms to all and sundry that late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi is a big suspect that needs to be thoroughly investigated by the police.

In the clip making the rounds online, VeryDarkBlackMan shares some shocking revelations while disclosing how Mohbad’s wife is a bigger suspect than Naira Marley and Sam Larry,

While advising people to stop being emotional and sentimental, VeryDarkBlackMan who had earlier insisted on a DNA test from Mohbad wife shares the latest information reaching him.

Sharing the intel, VeryDarkBlackMan utters that When Mohbad joined Marlian music he didn’t have bank account, the used to pay him via his wife’s bank account.

Speaking further he said that Mohbad and his wife share the same iCloud account password meaning that she knows everything that comes and goes in his life. Mohbad trusted her 100%.

He also disclosed that when Mohbad was alive he bought a lands in his wife name and also in his wife mother’s name backing it up with an interview with Mohbad father. He added that Mohbad’s wife’s mother is a nurse.

Tackling those narrowing the whole story of Mohbad’s death to Sam Larry and Naira Marley, VeryDarkBlackMan stated that Mohbad’s wife needs a lot of questioning as she was at home when a nurse came to treat the late singer.

Accusing people of running away from talking about Mohbad wife, VeryDarkBlackMan alleged that Mohbad’s wife was also inside the car while they were trying to to take him to the hospital before he completely died. Watch the video below;

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See reactions below;

chris_mensarrr: I dunno why they’re giving her preferential treatment.. I don’t support all these talks sha Buh why are they putting the wife off the picture?? She was in that car. I sha understand the fuss about Naira and him brother .. cus Na the one we see Live sha. But don’t keep the Wife off the picture.

cindy_official1111: You hear say you hear say, for him to trust his wife this much then let her be🙄 Give us evidence and stop instigating things.

pumpkinxtra_: You guys are funny in Nigeria ooooo, unah like pity pity something well well, get over your emotions this guy is right with all he’s saying, yes Sam Larry and naira must be hold responsible for bullying , the 3 boys in the car and wife should explain what happened in the show and if true that he’s mother in-law is a police then someone deep is going on the should all be arrested.

temmychudi: And you think the police don’t have All this information and more. You just open mouth waa and talk as if you are the only one that has sense? If there is need for DNA the police will do the needful. You can’t sit down in one corner and be giving people instructions and people are cheering you. Police should invite this guy for questioning. This is becoming irritating.

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shima_couture: Nigerians don’t want to leave emotions and sentiments aside. This guy is literally going the right direction but the hate and emotional blackmail with y’all Nigerians won’t allow us get the right killers. Please let’s pin this death on everyone mohbad mentioned and let’s get justice🤲🤲.

iam_panshaq:  People in the comments are dumb … when gistlover gets her own informations u all praise her , but when dark man gets his y’all say he’s in contact with naira and sam. U all think gistlover is a god or a hacker that gets info from anywhere on her own , very funny all the informations or evidences she posts either about this mohbad case or any other case she’s handling is gotten from her followers who are eventually close to the people she’s talking about or people who knows about the story very well and she will query them and ask them for evidence bfr she can accept it and bring it on her page. If u follow gistlover well u will see that most of her evidences are chats from people and this is the same with very dark man or is it bcus he prefers to make a video than posting screenshots. Person die for person hand Una leave people wey he die for their hand Dey call pple wey no even Dey for the area when it happened. Sam larry and naira is guilty of bully and oppression but the d€@th of that boy , the people in that car should tell us what happened or were they working with naira and Sam.

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dj_deliva02: With what i can understand here is , this guy is 💯 correct ,because this lady knows everything going on in imole life ,so she also need to tell what she knows, DNA no go kill her but will reveal the truth, this is a talented artist,which the devil can use anyone’s to shorten his life which they just did , so while investigating the Malians gan ,she should also be investigated, we need justice not pity.

vatamin_kk: If you no be mad person 😂😂you leave naira Marley and Sam Larry when thier evidence choke for internet and you day put pressures on the innocent girl Werey.

theayposh_skincare: Let the 24years old widow breath !!!!!!! Habbbaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! You hear say …. You hear say 😏😏😏 rest!!!!!!! Go to police station and explain your story since you know everything ! In fact you are a suspect !!!!! Rubbish !!!!

oluwaseunsakaba: In this case, without sentiment, I think everyone around him should be interrogated bcos from the punch interview the father said they never dated they knew each other like neighborhood that they never dated until mohbad join naira Marley that they started dating in marlian house.

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