My first wife left me and I married my secretary the following week – Yemi Solade spill

Yemi Solade’s revelation about the beginning of his relationship with his wife, Hannah Marsh, on a television show adds a personal touch to their story. It’s intriguing to learn about the origins of their union, shedding light on the private side of the popular actor’s life.

When asked to recount how he met his wife, he said, “My wife actually toasted me. I had previously been married, but my first wife left me and went abroad. I met my current wife on the set of Wale Adenuga’s Super Story. God indeed has a sense of humour because I met two half-castes that year, Lilian Bach and Hannah Marsh. Lilian played my wife, while Hannah acted as my secretary in that particular production. I liked Hannah, but I initially did not want to get involved with half-caste ladies because I felt they are expensive to maintain, and only rich men can handle them. However, we met again and unknown to me, she had also been eyeing me, so she asked me to bring my phone, and she dialed her number on it. We all know the rest of the story, and now, we have two kids between us. I feel it was God that wrote our script, and I am pleased with it.”

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Solade, who is of the opinion that stars are not appreciated in Nigeria, further said, “I like to hide my face because popular people are not appreciated in this country, unlike overseas. In some other countries, when stars are going out, they are usually accompanied by hefty bodyguards, but it’s not like that here. As a matter of fact, I do not believe we have celebrities here in Nigeria, we only have popular people. Stars are not supposed to buy second-hand cars like we do here. Meanwhile, some popular people in Nigeria are always attending every event in town, and I do not think it should be so because it cheapens them.”

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