“Reason Why The delay in Mohbad’s autopsy suggests possible foulplay” Popular doctor, Olufunmilayo reveals the real result

The delay in Mohbad’s autopsy reports has drawn the attention of Dr. Olufunmilayo, a well-known Twitter user, who worries that it may indicate that foul play was possible in the terrible incident.

Dr. Olufunmilayo blamed the police in his statement for delaying the release of the autopsy findings for so long, especially given the widespread public suspicion about possible foul play in Mohbad’s death. He made a point of stating that preliminary autopsy results are generally accessible within 48 hours of the examination, making the lengthy silence surrounding these results rather puzzling.

Dr. Olufunmilayo expressed his surprise at the authorities’ decision to keep these results from the public. He emphasized that this secrecy could inadvertently contribute to the growing belief among the public that the police may be collaborating closely with individuals connected to Mohbad’s untimely demise.

“On the Mohbad’s autopsy situation

I will write a little piece here and I hope it gets to the right quarters.

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The first thing I will state is that the decision of the Lagos state government @followlasg and the police @PoliceNG to delay and withhold the preliminary autopsy results of Mohbad is a HUGE MISTAKE.

We know the preliminary report is always ready within 48hours- so anybody who is making the decision to delay the release of this report will only give the skeptics and doubters more evidence to say that the police and the Lagos state government are in a possible collusion with the likely killers of Mohbad- if indeed he was killed.

Just to re-explain:

An autopsy is medical examination of the body of a dead person looking at the organs and body parts; but also taking the blood, body fluids and any other substances found in the person’s system. This whole procedure takes 3-4 hours to complete.

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Then a preliminary report based on the physical examination of the body is ready within 48 hours while the toxicology analysis of the fluids and blood tests can take up to 6weeks.

The police and the Lagos state government should take the path of honor and transparency- by simply releasing the preliminary autopsy report. This will mean and show that the police and the govt are honest, sincere and serious in helping to seek justice for Mohbad.

As I said earlier:

The silence and delay from the government and the police in releasing the preliminary report will only suggest quite strongly that foulplay is being planned.

There’s absolutely zero sense in taking a decision that only further deepens the distrust that the public already has in the police and in the government.

Dear @PoliceNG and @followlasg

The choice is yours:

You can choose to release the preliminary report now and rescue your already damaged reputation before a public that is already wondering if you are cooking up a lie;

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Or you can choose to continue to delay,

withhold the report and hope that nobody will remember, but let me assure you: you will only succeed in fully confirming to the skeptics that indeed you are not to be trusted and you are potentially corrupted and compromised.

The choice is yours.

It is not yet too late to do right.

You can choose honor or dishonour.

Again, the more this report is delayed, The more the public will believe that the government and the police is working behind the scenes to cook up a lie.

You can do right or you can do nonsense. The choice is yours.

Thank you.”

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