“Sam Larry is Living Like A King In Police Detention But Primeboy suffeer Inside Police Station ”- Yeye Kudi Says (Watch The Video recorded unaware)

viral video features social media personality Yeye Kudi asserting that Sam Larry is living a lavish life while in police custody.

Yeye Kudi revealed that someone witnessed Sam Larry in police detention and confirmed that he was living in luxury, while Primeboy, a friend of the late Mohbad and also a prime suspect in the ongoing investigation, was left neglected on the cell floor to deteriorate.

She mentioned that the only reason the police are keeping Sam Larry in custody is to prevent him from facing a potential lynching by an enraged mob.

She Said: ”Somebody went to Alagbon and told me that if you see how Sam Larry is living like a king, cracking jokes with everyone, proudly walking up and down with so many people visiting him every minute meanwhile Primeboy was just abandoned on the floor in one cell.

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I feel bad for him because he has no money and he knows nobody. Nigerian police it’s not fair. They only kept Samlarry there in an executive place so that people will not Lynch him.”

Watch her speak below;

See Social Media Reaction Below:

Aeeshars_: I am here wondering why they have not grant him any interview yet abi samlarry is allergic to interview ? Cos we can see how others are been interviewed 😳.

Dami_rich54: What the hell is your own your own problem is there you don’t solve it you’re putting mouth in some other people problem na so una dey collect now if something do you your family go dey cry

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Mideijaya1: But why some people go just get confident in speaking out trash 😡 Samlarry&Nairamarlery are locked up inside the cell in panty just like other criminals! Both of dem are nobody under law and no one is ready to associate with them at this point! Infact the police are extra ordinary careful about them not to talk of collecting bribe from them! This case go far beyond one person or community because the whole world is watching even the house of assembly of the federation are aware of this case so who is NairaMarley & Samlarry. All what i know & sure of is that both of them are going to jail because there is already live witness against them that testify to the bully scene which is Zlatan. So let no one chase clout with MOH death.

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Malikismail_olayika: Are the one that killed the boy what’s ur own personal interest in this . They have discovered what killed him . Plsss what do u want gain from bringing them down .. the case is court ..

Awonaikeayodele: He should speak up and tell the whole world what he knows about his friend death. So that he won’t suffer alone

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