See Why I decided to be a woman – Crossdresser Bobrisky finally discloses as he shares throwback photo

Popular Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju better known as Bobrisky has finally disclosed why he decided to be a woman despite being born as a man. 

Bobriskywho describes himself as the sexiest trans on earth made this known as he reveals the reason behind the name Bobrisky.

According to Bobrisky, immediately he was born into this earth, he told himself that she wanted to be a woman while adding that having money makes the crossdressing life easier for him.

He noted that there is nothing bad in being a man but he sees himself doing better in life as a woman.

He added that women are caring, soft-hearted, beautiful and hardworking stating that he saw all these characteristics in him while growing up.

On why he chose Bobrisky as a name, he said that he took a lot of risk to be a woman today such as risk going under the knife and still living.

He wrote; “Meet d s+xiest trans on earth 🌍 OKUNEYE idris believe MONEY💰answer all demand. With money you can be whoever you want be one earth. Idris was born a man 1992 august 31st. Immediately i got into dis earth and also mature enough to differentiate btw my right and left !!! I told myself i want to be a WOMAN. 

There’s nothing bad to be a man truth be told. But i see myself doing better in life as a woman. Women are so caring, soft hearted, beautiful and hardworking.. I saw all dis characteristics in me growing up especially growing up with an amazing mother. 

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I’m not regretting taking dis BOLD step. Instead I’m glad i took d bold step to become who i want to be and not ready and will never apologize to anyone. Yes people will say alot of trash do i care ? No !!!

 I don’t care…everyone is entitled to there opinions but when it comes to my life ur opinions are completely TRASH!!!
Ever since i started transitioning into a woman i gave myself dis name BOBRISKY… yes BOBRISKY because i took alot of risk to be a woman today. Risk going under several knife 🔪 and still living. I’m a successful woman today with so much fame, houses, cars etc… lastly don’t be scared of who you want to be. Just do you everyone will be alright.”

See his post below;

See reactions below;

castellocastello7: I keep saying I’ll love to meet her one day but she keeps ignoring my comments 🙌my bday wish will come tru on the 30th of dis month if dat happens 😍🙌god bless her soul n everything she touches 😘🙌🏽.

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sassy.hijabi: The phrase ‘do you,the world wojld adjust’ refer only to people that has money tbvh. I think what I hate the most is the 2faced people that’d trash a normal person for taking certain decision but come here to praise y’all ‘famous’ people for doing the same thing. Pretty Sick, I must say.

judyaustin1: You’re a beautiful lady ❤️❤️❤️ just keep doing you, every other person will adjust 🙌.

uwaizeh: Meaning you are questioning God the creator of all humans that he made a mistake for creating you as MAN ? Judgment day go really rugged o 😂😂😂 It is well with you and yourself.

official_ken_stylo:  You all should stop all this hate on @bobrisky222, that’s his choice and what he determined for himself, many of those he survived many women looking for it today couldn’t even survive it, that’s life non of you are paying his bills, he is fame and getting it big, half of una way dey talk all this trash una generation fee never achieve what he have already achieved, make una try dey mind una business,,,,,,,, respectively 🙌.

theabdulrahmans:  Proud of you @bobrisky222!!! I actually watched you grow and watched your whole journey from 2007/2008, I saw you grow from a teenager to an adult and now a grown ass lady!!!…..your resilience and your drive for your passion and life goals are worthy of emulation by most young people nowadays (because they lose focus easily)… deserve your flowers!!!

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eminentgpower: @bobrisky222 No body should have hate on you as long as u aren’t hamming anyone, you got what you ever wanted and you are happy for it, is giving you money and paying your bill’s, nobody would have known you without this part u have chosen, also on judgment day I won’t be there with you, only you And God, those kidn@ppers in jail to spend the rest of their lifes if they were Crossdressing am sure they will still be free today, so if your choice harms nobody is nobodies business.

tosanjjoe: Did you want to be a woman, or felt you are a woman in the wrong body? I think it is imperative to clarify and distinguish between the two. Your post translates as your transition to a woman is a social and personal choice motivated by financial gains. Gender identity crisis is a real disorder that people deal with and must be handled delicately. In the end, we all have carte blanche to do what serves us, so if it’s a personal choice, be clear.

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