See why they invited and auxillary nurse to treat a celebrity, Why are they hiding her face” Nigerian agitate over the privacy of the nurse who reportedly kllled Mohbad

The aftermath of Mohbad’s death has sparked a wave of controversies, with the most recent one involving a police report suggesting that it was the nurse’s injection that may have contributed to his demise. This revelation has left netizens deeply concerned, and they are calling for transparency in the case.

Their primary demand is to see the nurse’s identity revealed, as the absence of any information about her has raised suspicions of potential foul play.

Naira Marley and Sam Larry were the main suspects in the Mohbad death case, largely due to their highly publicized online disputes and a physical altercation with Mohbad just days before his passing. In a viral video, Sam Larry was seen in a heated altercation with Mohbad, which fortunately didn’t escalate further thanks to the intervention of Zlatan, another artist.t

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However, the focus of the investigation has since shifted away from Naira Marley and Sam Larry, now centered on the nurse and Mohbad’s childhood friend, Prime Boy. This change in direction has fueled suspicion among some netizens, who believe that the police may be collaborating with Naira Marley and Sam Larry to divert blame onto someone else.

The public’s demand for transparency is clear. They seek answers and evidence that definitively point to the nurse as the perpetrator. If the nurse is indeed responsible for Mohbad’s tragic death, netizens argue that her face and profile should be revealed to the public to dispel any doubts and ensure a fair and open investigation.

See a few reactions below;

One stardocofficial had this to say,

“What does the autopsy say …. You can’t attribute the “injection” to his death without evidence from pathology to back it up “

One eriata_ese @ had this to say,

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“See the thing I’m talking about, hiding suspect face from the public and you want people to believe the report is accurate. A nurse giving patient 3 injections without running test to know exactly what is wrong and expects recovery?? Like seriouslyyyyyyyyy???? Is that how dull we look?”

One nkekendo had this to say,

“Make it make sense please, why didn’t they take him to the hospital initially? Why calling an auxiliary nurse to treat him in the house? What was he being treated for? Where was his wife?”

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