“She’s Too proud” – Video of small-sized Aunty Ramota ignoring a midget on a movie set sparks reactions online (Watch) ‎

Small-sized socialite Aunty Ramota has got many people talking online following a new video of her circulating online.

In the clip, Aunty Ramota who is also an actress was seen ignoring a midget lady who came to greet her on a movie set.

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While Aunty Ramota was seen sitting on a chair pressing a phone, the woman came to greet her but Aunty Ramota refused to respond rather she looks down on her.

However, this development did not sit down well with one of the crew members on the set as she told the midget woman named Aunty Ajara not to force the vibe and move away from Aunty Ramota.

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Aunty Ramota shows that she doesn’t care about what people say as she continues to press her phone without greeting the midget lady.

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As expected, the video has triggered several reactions online as many asserted that Aunty Ramota is a proud lady.

Watch the video and see reactions below

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