Some early Tesla Model 3 Highland owners aren’t very happy with Tesla Vision

The first deliveries of Tesla’s much-anticipated Model 3 ‘Highland’ were made to European customers last week, and they’ve been quick to share their thoughts on what they like… and don’t like.

Inside EVs stumbled across a thread on the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit in which customers shared their first impressions of their newly acquired, updated Highland models. It was typical subreddit fare, with comments on the comfort and overall build quality being mostly positive.


However, there was a common thread of discontent surrounding the Tesla Vision system, which had already drawn criticism from some quarters after Musk decided to remove ultrasonic sensors for short-range object detection and instead rely solely on its cameras.

One Reddit user explained how the new Model 3 told him to stop immediately, even though there was nothing in front of the car. Another time it said there was a 19.6-inch (50cm) space in front, when in fact there was just 3.9 in (10cm).

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