The main reason why I can’t date a man that lives on the mainland in Lagos — 34-year-old OAP Moet Abebe discloses Sh#ck reason(Video)

34-year-old on-air personality, Moet Abebe recently sparks reactions online as she throws jab at men that lives on the mainland in Lagos State.

In a recent statement. Moet Abebe, a well known media personality raises eyebrows as she asserts that she can’t date a man that lives on the mainland part of Lagos while she lives on the Island.

She affirms this on the Bahd and Boujee podcast with BBNaija All Stars 2023 ex-housemate Tolanibaj.

In her words; “I’ve always said this thing, I can’t necessarily date someone that lives on the mainland.”

Reacting to this, 29-year-old Tolanibaj said she can date a man that lives on the mainland despite the fact that she lives on the Island as long as if she calls him at 11 pm and he comes.

Giving her reasons on why she can’t date a man on the mainland, Moet Abebe said if she calls her man that lives on the mainland to come over in the night, he might be given an excuse by telling her that it’s too late and factor of police on the street.

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Reacting to this, reality TV star, Tolanibaj raises the bar as she asserts that she can’t date a man having issues with the police while adding that his man will always be accompanied by the Mopol.

However, the video has triggered several reactions online as many accused Moet Abebe and Tolanibaj of capping as they are full of lies, while some also accused them of being single at their age while there mates are already mothers.

See reactions below;

queenmercyatang: Too much capping… podcast is suppose to be educative and informative… but this days people just come online and cap the unnecessary forgetting that the internet never forgets…🤦‍♀️.

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officialarole: Haaaaaaaaaaa. Straight bullet to us on the mainland. I stay in Ogba 😢😢😢😢😢😢.

anne_channelstv: Just shut up already!!! What is wrong with these two WOMEN biko? 🤦‍♀️ Is this even content? Are you WOMEN 16 year olds?

rosey.bridge: Not age shaming- but at your respective ages this discussion is incredibly juvenile and redundant. Zero value. You’re a pair of smart women- deliver smart content!

iam_linchpin: I thought being Bahd & Boujee stops at 23yrs or 24yrs Maximum… Who are these August Meetings Mothers forming Baddies?

mummyslittlegirl___: We’re tired of this mainland and island thing. Some people staying on the mainland have better water and roads than most people living on the island. Cost of living too isn’t as high and I know a lot of people struggling to live on the island all in the name of aesthetics.

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mz_esheza: What’s wrong in dating someone on the mainland ? Are you dating the area or personality?? Certain unnecessary standards will make you lose out on good people.

Watch the video below (swipe to view);

In similar news, Tolanibaj said that if a man cheats on her, she will cheat on him back. Speaking on how a man can easily turn her on, Tolanibaj utters that if she brings a business idea to a man and he powers it for her, she will wet easily.

Moet Abebe was also heard saying that she fall in love with older women than younger men as she enjoys s+x with old men better.

Watch the video below;

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