“The player gets played” – Reactions trail conversation where a lady tries to outsmart her ritualist boyfriend

Several reactions have started trailing a trending WhatsApp conversation where a lady tries to outsmart her boyfriend not knowing that he is a ritualist.

While many get into a relationship with the aim of dating each other and getting married to each other, the WhatsApp conversation that recently surfaced online shows that people the youth of nowadays date each other for many reasons.

In the WhatsApp conversation, the lady who is no longer interested in her man said she regretted having crossed path with him while adding that she can’t believe she considered him as her boyfriend.

Affirming her statement in the conversation proving that she is a player, the lady tells her boyfriend that she was only in the relationship because of the money he has.

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She stressed that she has cheated on her boyfriend several times and he can’t even notice at all all these years.

Ending the relationship with him, the lady however thanks her boyfriend for all the gifts and money.

Responding, the boyfriend remained unshocked as he thanked her for the time they spent together and further told her that he had used her womb to renew wealth.

The lady who never see the response coming responded by shouting “Ah” as the player got played by her ritualist boyfriend.

In the WhatsApp conversation, the lady said; “I can’t believe I even considered a guy like you as my boyfriend.”

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She continues; “I just used you for the money you have.”

She added; “Funny how I cheated on you the whole time and you didn’t even notice.”

The boyfriend responded; “Well thank you for your womb l used to renew my wealth.”

The lady reacted “Ah….” accompanied with a shocking emoji.

See screenshot of the exchange below;

See reactions below;

itshelenpaul: Aye le o… stay away from evil, so you no go see evil. Be careful of a powerful corresponding gbas that you may not be ready for…

hopywhitney: You will learn in the hard way 😂don’t play😂😂.

amensexy0: Very good response.. Criminal mind jam kanayo o kanayo.. perfect 😂.

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frankisaiah85: MORAL OF THE STORY: always confess your sins. Her confession has now revealed to her that she needs deliverance.

joewie___: Otilo the womb is gone 😂😂😂😂 That’s a counter attack right there.. Real definition of the devil gives you with one hand and collect with the other hand. 😂😂 Oya imagine how that girl go d shake, she’ll be inbetween ‘you the whine me ni, or what if no be joke’ 😂.

the_kanyinsola_: “My babe too love me, he wan use gifts kill me” Omo.. na you dey provide money wey una dey enjoy together 😭😂.

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