“They Don Turn Jigan To Oloju Kan”— Jigan Babaoja Received The Beæting of His Life After He Was Attæcked By Area Boy In Lagos (Watch)

Popular Nollywood actor Jigan BabaOja has shared a video of himself online after being attacked by area boys.

Jigan recently experienced an incredibly shocking and distressing incident when he was mercilessly attacked by a group of area boys in the bustling streets of Lagos. This unexpected and harrowing encounter left both Jigan and those who witnessed it deeply shaken.

During the distressing incident, the actor was captured on video, shouting in Yoruba, “Did you know my age?” as he endured the severe beating. This heartbreaking moment highlights the vulnerability and injustice faced by individuals who become victims of street violence in Lagos.

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The motive behind the brutal attack remains a mystery, as concerned bystanders gathered to assist him. Despite the pleas from those trying to help, Jigan continued to repeat, “Did you know my age?” His insistence on this question suggests a deep sense of shock and disbelief at the unprovoked violence he endured on the streets of Lagos.

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While it initially appeared to be a serious and distressing incident, it’s now becoming apparent that the situation might have been a comedy sketch, acted out by a group of Jigan’s colleagues. This revelation could explain his repeated question, “Did you know my age?” and suggests that the incident was staged for comedic purposes.

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It’s quite possible that this incident is part of a movie produced by Jigan a few years back, which would explain the involvement of his colleagues and the comedic nature of the situation. Movie scenes can sometimes be taken out of context when viewed in isolation, leading to confusion.

Watch The Video Below;

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