Most people use Facebook, but not all of them are aware that they may earn cool money in Nigeria using Facebook. Oh yes! You got it correctly. You may use Facebook to generate money online in addition to using it as a way to meet new people.

With up to 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. And now that I think about it, there are 7.6 billion people in the globe, and 2.2 billion of them use Facebook, making up 33% of the total population. With such a large user base on one social media site, there are numerous options to advertise your services and earn money on Facebook in Nigeria.

If only these guys knew they could make money on Facebook in addition to having fun, I think to myself when I come across various Facebook accounts and note that the majority of them receive more than 1,000 likes and numerous comments on every single post they make.

I’ll share with you the top 12 techniques to monetize Facebook in Nigeria in this post.

Let’s begin immediately.

The best ways to earn money in Nigeria using your Facebook account

1. Sign up for the Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network is at the top of the list of ways to monetize Facebook in Nigeria. The Facebook Audience Network allows high-value monetization for apps and websites on Facebook. It resembles Google AdSense quite a little.

You can use Facebook Audience Network to monetize your page and earn money on Facebook in Nigeria if you have a page, create videos, and share them with it. If your videos have a lot of daily likes and comments. Bloggers that also publish articles on their page are not excluded.

If you run a blog or Facebook Instant Articles, you can join the Facebook audience network after getting approved and start getting paid as people view your content.

2. Affiliate marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is the practice of recommending individuals to purchase goods or services in exchange for a commission.

If you have a popular Facebook page on a certain subject or industry with a lot of followers and interaction, you should think about monetizing it in Nigeria by promoting goods or services associated with that subject or industry that your fans may find interesting.

It’s really simple, really. Join an affiliate network that offers goods linked to the topics you cover on your Facebook page. When approved, seek out goods or services with respectable sale commissions. Share the affiliate link with your Facebook audience by copying it.

Share a post with a review of the products to further encourage your readers to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase. The review post may discuss the product’s effectiveness, the benefits that your audience will receive from buying it, or other factors.

Imagine having 20,000 active followers on your profile or page. Additionally, you receive a 50% commission for promoting a $50 product. 1000 people in your audience click to buy, roughly. You will now have $25,000! Isn’t that fantastic?


This video offers a more thorough explanation.

Examples of ads networks where you may sign up and search for things to advertise include:

Jumia Partner

Affiliates of Konga

Amazon Partners

Junction Commission

3. Join neighborhood buy-and-sell groups.

To sell some local products you have, look for Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. It’s not always necessary to market to your Facebook pals. It is typically possible to write the post in one Facebook group and then write the same post in several groups before publishing it.

Be wise when posting and avoid spamming. Make sure to read the group guidelines before posting because each group has its own set of rules and restrictions. If not, the group moderators reserve the right to remove your posts or ban you entirely.

4. Market your goods

Have you ever considered the possibility of using Facebook to market your goods or talents? It is absolutely feasible, and the required effort is little. One of the simplest methods to make money on Facebook, it gives you the chance to reach as many of the 2 billion active Facebook users as you can.

You can market your products on your Facebook timeline, page, or group. One of the main reasons the gas company is still successful, in my memory, is that they ran a Facebook advertisement when I was working with a fledgling gas company in my neighborhood.

The major goal is to use Facebook to your advantage to increase your audience, thus I’ll also suggest that you start a Facebook group and page.

What can therefore be sold on Facebook? You can sell a variety of items on Facebook, including:





telephone add-ons

computer hardware

electronic devices, etc.

However, there are some goods that Facebook does not allow you to sell. They consist of:

Unlawful drugs





Products for real money gambling

specific medical goods

If you possess any abilities, you can use Facebook to offer your services. Opening a Facebook page for whatever you want to sell or offer as a service is the first step in selling anything. Simply sign into Facebook, select “create a page” from the menu that appears when you click the arrow in the upper right corner.

The remaining steps involve uploading a photo to be used as the page’s profile picture, the cover photo, and filling out the necessary information about your business. Once that’s done, you can set up your shop, upload images of your goods, and add the essential information to each one.

5. Direct Marketing

Publishing advertisements regarding goods or services that your fans will find interesting on your profile or page is known as direct advertising. This works best if you have a Facebook page that is very active and has high engagement on a subject like business, health, or technology. There are no restrictions on how much money you may make in Nigeria using Facebook.


There are organizations and corporations searching for ways to market their goods to a larger audience. You shouldn’t miss this if your Facebook post receives a ton of engagement and likes.


PPC is a form of online advertising where marketers are charged each time a user clicks on one of their ads.

Pay per Click Networks is another way for Nigerians to monetize Facebook. It’s very easy. You enlist their help. You will receive content or choose stuff to distribute on your social media pages, and you will be paid for each click that is generated by that content.

However, you should never forget that PPC is quite sensitive. This means that you must not click on the links you are promoting yourself or asking a friend to click on in order to avoid being blacklisted or suspended.

7. Advertised Post

You may receive contact from businesses and well-known brands who want to advertise to your followers or post on your Facebook page. Additionally, many advertisers are eager to use well-written postings to promote their brands or campaigns.

Your followers are likely to sign up for or click on offers you promote since they perceive you as an authority and interact with your posts sufficiently, and you will be compensated by the businesses or company brands for doing so.

8. Encourage visitors to other blogs

This has been the main method I’ve used to expand my site, and the more people that visit it, the greater the chance I have of making more money through AdSense or other sources.

By sending traffic to another person’s blog or website, you can generate money with your Facebook page in Nigeria.

For instance, you regularly post updates on the most recent events in the entertainment industry on your active entertainment page. You can approach entertainment blogs who are still struggling to attract enough visitors and offer to pay them to advertise their article on your page. Any link or URL of any blog will receive traffic from your page due to the fact that your engaged followers will click the post or links you provide on your page.

9. Merchandise your Facebook page

This is a very easy and profitable approach to monetize your Facebook account in Nigeria. You can sell your Facebook page for a good price if it gains a significant number of followers and engagement. There are many individuals and organizations who will pay thousands of naira to purchase an active Facebook page or group.

You can announce that your page or group is for sale in other Facebook groups. You can send emails to individuals or businesses you believe would be interested in purchasing your page. Depending on the number of followers or engagement the page has, you could get up to N100,000 or more when selling your page or group.



This is one of the simplest yet most lucrative methods for earning money in Nigeria on Facebook. Using a link shortener service for each link you share on your page or on social media is all it takes to make money with short links. If you frequently share news or any other material on Facebook, this is great for you.

To share a link to any news or information, all you need to do is copy the shortened link, paste it into a link shortener, and then post it to your Facebook timeline or page.

When someone clicks on it, they first see an advertisement before being taken to the page they wanted to see. The link shorteners that pay you are funded by the advertisements.

Frequently used link shorteners are:

Link Reducing




People may ask you to manage and operate their page if they notice that you have devoted and active followers, that you produce compelling content, and that you have the ability to run adverts. A Facebook page manager, sometimes known as a social media manager, is a person entrusted with keeping an eye on, contributing to, filtering, measuring, and generally directing a brand’s, product’s, person’s, or company’s social media presence.

You can work full- or part-time managing a Facebook page and earn a respectable income. Various websites, such Indeed, Upwork, Freelancer, and others, may offer you job possibilities related to Facebook management.

Facebook Surveys 12.

The final of the simple ways to generate money with Facebook in Nigeria is Facebook analysis or survey. The majority of the time, established or new businesses do research to gather consumer opinions regarding a new or current good or service. This is done mostly to gain a better understanding of how customers feel about the goods and potential future improvements.

Businesses contact the owners of websites, blogs, or pages with significant followings in order to conduct this poll. You can be compensated for the survey if your Facebook page satisfies their requirements.


Facebook is a fantastic social networking site for chatting with friends and making new acquaintances. However, it will be nice if you can use Facebook in Nigeria to have fun and earn big money at the same time.

Anyone in Nigeria can make money on Facebook; it makes no difference their age or what they do for a living.

I will be astonished if you can’t still make money from Facebook given that there are over 2.2 billion active users on the social media platform and the knowledge you have gained from this article.

You now have the opportunity to capitalize on this concept if you haven’t already as I have made and continue to make a lot of money from having a Facebook account.

Do you currently or hope to start using Facebook to make money? If so, kindly share your experience below.

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