It is one thing to have a job, and another to ensure that the position is mature enough to meet one’s needs. However, to be realistic, we all want to go beyond just acquiring what we need, and you also want to satisfy our wants. No one should remind you in this scenario that you need a lucrative employment opportunity that can take care of you first, especially if you have a family, and then you need a skill and a job, not necessarily a rat race job, but a skill that can fetch you something is crucial.

In this article, I will list the top lucrative occupations that will help you earn more money. Although I am not a wage earner, I have friends who do this and I know how much most of them earn.

High-paying jobs

A job, according to Wikipedia, is something that a person does frequently in exchange for money; the reward (money) may be at the end of the week or the end of the month, depending on the agreement between the employer and the employee. Before compiling this list, I ensured that the average annual salary was taken into account, as well as how desirable this job is to employees–I mean, some employees cannot function without hiring a specific professional in his or her niche, so the importance of these occupations has been considered.

The following are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria:

– Computer programmer

Now that everything is digital, there is a need for a laborer who will be in charge of the system’s technical maintenance. A computer engineer can earn around N320,000 per month; it is one of the most profitable technical careers that can be obtained in universities, and in most circumstances, you do not have to go to your office every week.

You may also close earlier than those who do the boring task there; your job is to maintain any technological problem, and if no fault is identified, it is a plus for you. My buddy acquired a job as a computer engineer in Lagos; she only goes to work three times out of the five working days in a week, and she earns N410,000 per month, including her allowance.


– Surgeon

If you need an employment that can feed you what you desire, not just what you need- I have a lot of surgeons as senior colleagues, so I can attest to their richness.

A qualified surgeon is someone who uses surgical methods to cure diseases, ailments, injuries, or defects in order to restore the victim’s body tissue. These individuals are also assisted by others, including the surgical assistant and the nurse.

There are various sorts of surgeons in Nigeria, and they are all well compensated; nevertheless, the recent boom in aesthetic procedures has had a significant impact on the job’s value. Everyone wants to look more attractive, some want a larger private part in others to boost their self-esteem, and others even want to utilize it to entice the opposite sex. The materials used in this cost a lot, as do the surgeon’s fees; a surgeon can make an average of N350, 000 per month, which is adequate for a good living.

– Pilots and aeronautical engineers

These individuals are involved in the movement of people by air. As you may know, air travel is one of the most expensive modes of transportation, especially when going outside the country. A first-class officer’s monthly wage is approximately N270, 000, while captions receive approximately N310, 000. If you’re wondering what they’re doing to be worth that much, I should inform you that flying is the most dangerous mode of transportation, a lot of people’s lives are at stake, and piloting an aircraft requires a high level of ability.

The captain and pilot are solely accountable for the safety of the people and goods being transported by air.

– Petrochemical engineers

Oil is Nigeria’s main source of income, however agriculture is gaining ground… Petroleum engineers are in control of the country’s oil and gas production, and it’s no wonder that they’re among the highest-paid workers in Nigeria. Petroleum engineers must design and develop a method for extracting raw materials that will later be processed to produce oil, gas, and so on. The extraction is done on the earth’s surface, so they must understand how some sophisticated machines work before work can begin.


– Lawyer

Almost every day, someone in the country gets into difficulty, and if the situation is serious enough, he or she may be charged in court. And this is where attorneys come in. A lawyer, also known as a barrister, attorney, or notary, is someone who acts as a prosecutor in court by employing evidence and other material acquired. When it comes to issues like guidance, the legal adviser also comes in to assist clients with legal counsel and steps to take. Although it is still debatable that this occupation’s financial recognition is not at its pinnacle, this is due to the fact that the clients you will be obtaining vary, and it is unlikely that they will pay a similar amount.

As a lawyer, I know people who live a wonderful life and those who live it to the fullest because of the sufficient and financial support they receive from their clients; if you are also a lawyer, you can be involved in the will and other contract agreements.

– Internet marketer

Big firms want their product to have a higher cost in terms of audience; as a result, the majority of them go digital. This is one of the highest-paying occupations in Nigeria; it is highly lucrative while working for a reputable company. You don’t have to resume work every day, which is quite exciting and similar to the job of a software engineer. I have someone who resumes on the first and last days of the month; this work is done from home, and you can also do certain things to get extra money.

A digital marketer working for a normal organization earns no less than N150,000 per month, and in some cases, you may make more depending on how effectively you negotiate and how skilled you are.

– Architect

My father is an architect, so I understand what I’m saying; however, instead of using my father as an example, I move with his pupil, who is currently creating waves in the industry. make construction plans, not only for dwelling, but also for federal and state government development, and undertaking plans, and they plan structures that are practical, viable shelter, and visually appealing.


– Musician

The music industry is presently thriving; unlike in the past, when music was not financially rewarding if you have the desire to sing and know you are good at melody alignment, you should give it your all.

Where do you acquire your money?

If you look at the sources of revenue of famous and affluent musicians, you will see that the majority of them obtain their money through sponsorship and shows, but they also engage in other enterprises that pay well. If you are a successful musician, you are already a public person; it is now up to you to capitalize on your fame by obtaining more endorsements, building an image that would pique people’s interest in you for shows, and also making money through other ways as a.

– Software designer

These guys make a lot of money and barely go to work; I’ve observed several devs who only return to work once a week. It’s fun, friend; you don’t have to start at 8 a.m. and leave your office at 5 p.m., and you won’t have time to spend with yourself or your family. A software developer is responsible for a series of actions that entail fixing an issue. You recognize a problem and then solve it by producing something that will make the activities easier.


A good example is the problem of adding larger figures with the use of stone, where you have to count stones and sum them together to get the final answer, but now things are easier thanks to software developers, who use calculators and no one has to go through the stress of counting stones. You can now add or subtract millions and get an instant answer.


Other careers include footballer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, and so on; you can pursue these if you are certain you have a passion for them; the essential goal, though, is to live a comfortable life at the end.


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