Volume 1 On “How To Learn HTML In A Day”

How To Learn HTML In A Day

Hypertext Markup Language is the full name for HTML. Both hyper-text and markup languages are just ways of writing information about the document’s layout. When a browser loads an HTML file, it parses the text for HTML codes, which it then uses to generate page layouts, embed pictures, and links to related content. Any text editor can be used to create HTML. VS Code, Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad, and many others are all examples of text editors. A file saved in HTML format has the “.html” extension. In HTML, there should only ever be one instance of the body tag.

HTML’s Practicality

A page can be made without the creator having any idea where the information came from. Understanding the tags and how they function is essential if you want to go above and beyond basic web design.

HTML’s many benefits include;

If you read the source code of popular websites, you can pick up some useful tips.

There are tags that cannot be used in the Editor.

When the editor isn’t doing what you want, you can do it yourself.

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There are five main parts to an HTML document’s structure:

!DOCTYPE> is the DOCTYPE declaration.

Mht – mht>

“head” – “head”

What It’s Called:

To the Body-


Each component of an HTML document is produced by a tag that acts as a shorthand for the element’s purpose. This is how the most fundamental tags need to be handled:

<p> tag. This is the HTML tag for a paragraph assignment. There is both an opening and a closing p> tag. So, the correct way to format the element in your HTML code is p> /p>. Putting a forward slash after the open tag creates the close tag. Between the brackets, you can put whatever you choose.

<h1> tag. This is the main header for the section. A heading is referred to by this tag in HTML documents. The h1> tag is complete with opening and closing tags. The h1>, h2>, h3>, h4>, h5>, and h6> tags are all examples of headings. The smallest heading tag is h6, while the largest is h1.


<a> tag. The anchor tag specifies the starting point of a link. This tag establishes a connection to external HTML documents. Both an open and a close tag are included. HTML for an anchor tag looks like this: a href=”….”> />. Putting the name of another file within an HTML href tag causes the tag to create a link to that file.

An “img” tag. An example of an image tag. You can use it to add photos to your HTML documents. The HTML syntax for an image tag looks like this: img src=””>. To upload a picture, simply type the filename and extension into the src=” ” field of the img tag. JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and similar filename extensions can be used for images. The close tag is not supported in the image tag.

tag div. To separate or label sections in an HTML file, use the div tag. Both the opening and closing tags, div> and /div>, are included here.


Because of its practicality in web page creation, many people incorrectly assume that HTML is a programming language. On the other hand, HTML is not a programming language. Simply using HTML to mark up the text for the browser to recognise as web page content was all that was done. The browser is then able to properly render the document by recognising headings, paragraphs, and links as intended. HTML is only used for the page’s structure and not its functionality.

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Here are a few examples of why this is not a programming language:

There is no logical code in it.

It is unable to function as an input/output device.

It does not allow for data manipulation in any way, therefore you cannot use it to create variables or write functions.

It lacks the standard If/Else conditional phrases.

It does not engage in arithmetic reasoning.

Programming languages provide loops so that code can be executed repeatedly. Flow control statements contain iterative constructs like while loops and if-else sentences. All programming languages, excluding HTML, include these control-flow statements.

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