Backend developers must have the following tools:


Django is a Python framework that allows us to easily construct dynamic web applications using Python. It is a web application framework designed using Python that includes many features to make your job easier such as user authentication, templating language, routing, and much more.


Java is an object-oriented programming language used in a distributed environment on the internet; it is a high-level language that is easy to learn. Java is widely used in GUI, Web and Mobile Application Development, Game Development, and embedded systems. It is also used to develop software for devices. It is utilized in electronic products such as televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, online forms, banking, and so on, in addition to computers.

In 1991, James Gasoling and Sun Microsystems created Java, a computer programming language. It is a “Write Once, Run Anywhere” programming language. Java is a cross-platform language, which means it can run on a variety of devices.


Laravel is a PHP web application framework for constructing dynamic websites; it works well with MYSQL databases and is filled with useful features such as (blade, auth, eloquent, and so on).

Editors of text

There are numerous text editors available for website building, including the following:


Visual Studio Code is a programming language.


Sublime Text is a text editor.

The Atom Editor.


Table with lights.



In website development, you will use a text editor to write your codes; it is intended to open and save text files containing either plain text or anything that can be interpreted as plain text. As previously stated, there are many text editors to choose from; you can choose any of the aforementioned text editors for your website design and development.



I enjoy sublime text since it is free, fast, simple, and easy to use. We have frontend, backend, and fullstack developers, as we discussed in volume 1 of this post. As a frontend developer, a text editor will suffice to begin building a website; but, as a backend developer, a text editor will not suffice; you will also require certain other tools, which will be detailed in the next book.

Notepad is also a text editor; you can use it to begin learning website construction, but it is not recommended because it lacks many features, such as string color, function color, variable color, auto suggest, open folder function, and so on. Because Notepad is so simple, it is not recommended that a newbie use it for website building.


If you really want to master website design and development, you must have several things in place, such as time, money, and commitment. These are some of the main tools that must be in place for you to thrive in web design and development. I mentioned money since one of the required instruments that you must have as a website designer is a nice laptop, which you cannot get without money. Additionally, a website designer must have internet access virtually all of the time in case you need to rapidly seek for a solution in an online community.

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If you have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and Jquery as a front-end developer, you should be able to construct anything relevant. HTML and CSS can also provide meaning, but Bootstrap, Javascript, and Jquery will provide your visitors with a superior user experience and website responsiveness.

I indicated in vol. 1 of this post that you can create a website from scratch or utilize a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. Designing a website with WordPress, for example, is simple and straightforward; however, designing a dynamic and sophisticated website necessitates the services of a WordPress developer.

We have WordPress users and WordPress developers. WordPress users will simply install plugins and use drag and drop for the front end, whereas WordPress Developers will understand the fundamentals of PHP programming language and will be able to create and change existing WordPress plugins.

Creating dynamic and sophisticated websites with WordPress necessitates some extra work, not just installing plugins and dragging and dropping; it necessitates strong knowledge of OOP in PHP, which will allow you to edit existing WordPress plugins and also create your own plugins if necessary.

Website Hosting & Hosting Companies

InMotion Hosting – GoDaddy – Hostinger – Cloudways – HostGator – Hostwinds – Bluehost – iPage – HostFav – DreamHost – Host Monster – Namecheap – Fasthosts – GreenGeeks – Justhost – SiteGround – Host1Plus – eUKhost – Arvixe


The above are some hosting providers; hosting is the process of making your website worldwide accessible. Small and novice websites are typically hosted on shared hosting plans from hosting companies. When you host your website, you will have access to cpanel, which offers a variety of tools such as a file manager, phpmyadmin, email, and so on.

huge websites and corporate websites run on dedicated servers; we cannot discuss hosting without mentioning bandwidth and disk space; huge websites require unmetered bandwidth and a very large disk space to run smoothly. Websites with a high number of visits per day require unmelted bandwidth; websites with a significant amount of files, videos, and so on require unmelted disk space as well.

Certain domain name extensions

.com,.ng,.org,.edu,.net,.edu.ng, org.ng, and so on.

A website with the extension.com is for commercial purposes, a website with the extension.org is for organizational purposes, a website with the extension.edu is for educational purposes,.edu.ng is for educational purposes in Nigeria,.org.ng is for organizational purposes in Nigeria, and so on.


To summarize, website design and development have numerous advantages, and website designers are presently in high demand both at home and abroad. In a later volume, we will continue this post with some of the benefits of website design and development.

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