Some of the tools that are required by a backend developer:


Django is Python frame work, it is a web application framework built with python, it has many features to make your works easier such as user authentication, templating language, routing and much more, it allows us to easily create dynamic web application using python.



Java is an object oriented programing language that is used in a distributed environment on the internet, it is an high level language that is easy and simple to understand. Java is popularly used in, GUI, Web and Mobile Application, Game Development and also used in embedded system, apart from this, it is also used to develop software for devices. It is used not only in computer but also in electronic devices like television, air conditional, washing machine, online forms, banking etc.



Java is a computer programming language that was invented by James Gasoling and Sun microsystems in 1991. It is a “Write Once and Run Anywhere Language”. This property makes Java a across platforms, i.e. it can run on multiple devices.



Laravel is a web application framework that was built on PHP for creating dynamic websites, it works well with MYSQL databases and packed with useful features such as (blade,  auth, eloquent etc.)

Text Editors

There are lots of text editors for website development, some of the text editors are as follows:

  • Froala.
  • Visual Studio Code.
  • Brackets.
  • Sublime Text.
  • Atom Editor.
  • Notepad++
  • Light Table.
  • Bluefish.
  • Notepad

In website development, you will use text editor to write your codes, it intended to open and save text files containing either plain text or anything that can be interpreted as plain text, as mentioned above, we have a lots of text editors, the choice is yours, you can decides to choose any of the aforementioned text editors for your website design and development.




I personally like sublime text because it is free, fast, easy and simple to use. As we have mentioned earlier in the volume 1 of this post that we have frontend, backend and fullstack developer. As a frontend developer, only text editor is enough for you to start designing a website, but as a backend developer, only text editor is not enough, you will still need some other tools that would be discussed in the coming volume.


Notepad is also a text editor, you can use notepad to start learning website development but it is not advisable as there are lots of functionalities that are not in notepad, such as string color, function color, variable color, auto suggest, open folder function, etc. Notepad is too basics, it is not advisable to be using notepad for website development as a beginner.


If you really want to learn website design and development, there are some things that must be in place like, time, money and commitment are some of the key tools that must be in place for you to excel in web design and development. I mentioned money because out of the compulsory tools that you must have as a website designer is a good laptop, without money you cannot get a good laptop, a website designer must have internet connection almost all the time in case if you want quickly search for a solution in an online community.

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As a frontend developer, if you have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and Jquery, you should be able to create something meaningful. HTML and CSS only can also give you something meaning but Bootstrap, Javascript and Jquery will give your visors a nice user experience and better website responsiveness.


I mentioned earlier in the vol. 1 of this post that you can design a website from scratch and as well you can use some Content Management System (CMS)  such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc., Designing a website with WordPress for instance is easy and straight forward, designing a dynamic and sophisticated website requires WordPress developer to do this.


We have WordPress users and WordPress developers, WordPress users are the ones that will just install plugin and use drag and drop for the frontend, while WordPress Developers are the ones that understand the rudiments of PHP programming language, they can create and edit existing WordPress plugins.



Creating dynamic and sophisticated websites with WordPress requires some extra works, not just installing plugins and drag and drop, it requires strong knowledge  of OOP in PHP, this will help you to have ability to edit existing WordPress Plugins and also you can create your own plugins if there is need to do so.



Website Hosting and Hosting Providers

 InMotion Hosting  –     GoDaddy  –     Hostinger  –     Cloudways  –     HostGator  –     Hostwinds –     Bluehost –     iPage –    HostFav  –     DreamHost  –      Host Monster  –     Namecheap  –     Fasthosts  –     GreenGeeks  –     Justhost  –     SiteGround  –     Host1Plus  –     eUKhost  –     Arvixe

The above are some of hosting providers, hosting is the process that would make your website accessible globally. Mostly, small websites and beginner websites run on shared hosting plans from hosting providers, when you host your website, you will have access to cpanel, the cpanel contains  a lots of items such as, filemanager, phpmyadmin, Email etc.



Large websites and business websites run on dedicated servers, there is no way we will discuss hosting without mentioning bandwidth and disk space, large websites need unmelted bandwidth and a very large disk-space for smooth running of their operations.  Websites that are having high numbers of views per day need unmelted bandwidth; websites that are dealing with large number of files etc. video etc need unmelted disk-space as well.


Some domain name extensions

.com ,   .ng ,  .org,  .edu, .net, .edu.ng, org.ng etc.

.com domain is an acronym of commercial domain name extension, a website with the extension of .com is for commercial purposes, .org extension is for organizational purposes,  .edu extension is for educational purpose, .edu.ng is for educational purposes in Nigeria, .org.ng is for organizational purposes in Nigeria etc.


In conclusion, Website design and development has a lot of advantages, website designers are now hot cakes both in home and abroad. We will continue this post with some of the advantages of website design and development in later volume.

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