“Why Did She Rejected It”—The Range Rover Of Over 100million Naira Mohbad Paid For Just Arrived And Her Mother Rejected It (Watch Her Reaction)

A video showcasing the car purchased by the late singer Mohbad has surfaced online, generating significant attention and curiosity among fans and followers.

Reports suggest that the car, which was recently delivered to Nigeria, was allegedly rejected by the mother of the late singer. This development adds a layer of intrigue to the story surrounding the car and raises questions about the reasons for its rejection.

The car delivery consisted of a range of vehicles with a total value exceeding 100 million naira. However, the specific reasons for the rejection of these cars by the late singer’s mother remain unknown, creating intrigue and curiosity among observers and fans.

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The video of the rejected cars has sparked widespread discussion and speculation online, with many people expressing curiosity about why the mother of the late singer declined such valuable vehicles. Some individuals have speculated that financial considerations or personal preferences might be behind the rejection, although the exact reasons remain unconfirmed.

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See Social Media Reaction Below;

Bimpeadetokunbo: Please support his father, he stood by him, where is his mother then? I didn’t like his mum for anything, odaju iya omo, that is why l love Aunt Iyabo Ojo she left his husband with reasons but never live her children Fes& Pri❤️🙏 iye omo gidi

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Segunsea: You want to lose the followers you have abi??? Why posting wrong info

Oscar_pablo_fans: Make una go give him papa na the man try for the boy 😢

Og_temzzy: Mohnad bought Range Rover velar no 2023 range rover

Raphegs_stiches: I thought the car was 52m now it’s 100m huh wahala

Watch The Video Below;

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