In this post, I will be discussing why it is important to be teaching technology as we use to teach reading, writing and all, the society we are living now is full with different form of technologies, and the society our students will be living in the future will include more technologies, technology is here to stay, teaching students how to navigate through this complex world as well as having numerous method of solving different complex problems with technology must be a priority of how to educate the next generations.

  • Prepares student to be informed citizens

It is our jobs as educators to prepare students to become citizens of the society we are living. One of our primary role as educators it to provide students with the tools they need to navigate through this complex world and to utilize the available technologies for their daily life and activities.

There is no question that new technologies have brought a wave of new challenges that we have to deal with, if we as an educator are deeply concerned about the spread of misinformation as well as following details on social media sites, we should take care upon ourselves to make sure to educate our students how to positively interact with others online as well as how to think critically about information they found there.

We should be teaching students how to determine if the information online is reliable, how to recognize real information through images and videos as well as how to be a better decision taker. If we want to help create a better society and a strong democracy, we need to be teaching our students how to navigate the digital world.

  • Prepare students for future of work  
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It is our works as educator to provide our students with the skills they will need to be able to get a work, there is no question that work in the future is going to be significantly different than the way it does now, in fact we are already seeing major changes coming out in front of us now, machine automation has already had massive political and economic impact in our society, automation is moving forward everyday, right now, the highest paying jobs are giving to those that can think critically, creatively and collaborate with other people, in the future, the reality that those that have  high thinking skills with in-depth knowledge of technology have greater access to jobs is certain. Of course, using technology and having high level of thinking is an added advantage, but by not teaching students technology skills in the classroom, we are limiting their chances of getting jobs in the future.

  • We need to help close the digital divide

We have a digital divide and it is the responsibility of educators to help close it, when educators talk about educational technology and the benefits behind it, this will encourage students but we don’t hear about this, what should be our priority is the access to technology as well technological skills.

  • Our students are digital natives
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Another point to show that we really need to be using technology in education is that, all students are digital natives, all educators currently teach students to grow up with academic knowledge, whether we like it or not, our students have a natural inculcation towards technology, and towards social life, and this is what we should resolve together, they must use technology to do that, we should embrace that.

  • Technology can make a differentiation a reality

In today’s classrooms, teachers are likely to have students with academic skills, mathematics teachers for instance might have students that lack foundations in technology skills, it is very difficult to teach two students with different level of technology skills and expect the same results. Technology tools that exist right now can make different instructions and operations a reality.


  • Technology can help students to find their voice 

Not all students can quickly grab in the classroom, but with videos, images, audio, recording and so much more will provide students with more opportunities to share ideas in a way that makes sense but it is easier and efficient to share this ideas using technology.

  • Education technology is engaging

If teachers asked students to do worksheet or classwork, they are likely going to end up having a serious classroom management problem, at least, they are going to have some students that are bold and disengage from school, ask student to work in a group, to plan and added video skill, I am pretty much guaranteed that student will be engaged and excited.

  • Technology can help with teacher workload

It is no question that teachers are asked to do more than the available time, teachers have to mark papers, respond to mails, go to meetings, teach the entire students. Technology can reduce teachers’ workload by automating certain element using technology and once teachers create lesson using technology that materials can be use again in later years.

  • Technology helps expose students to new interest and talents

Through technology, students can develop interest and talent they might ever know they had, if you ask students to develop a podcast, they might develop interest in podcast, and by providing students with tools and what it takes to do so, they will definitely to it.


As it is of no doubt that we are in technology era, technology is growing day by day, don’t be left behind, let your students know how to operate computer effectively, this will help then in a lots of ways that you can never image. Everything is now technology!.

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