In this post, I will discuss why it is important to teach technology in the same way that we teach reading and writing. The society we live in now is full of different forms of technology, and the society our students will live in the future will include more technologies. Technology is here to stay, and teaching students how to navigate this complex world as well as having numerous methods of solving different complex problems with technology must be taught.

My name is Fatai Jamiu Akande, and I have been in education for the last ten years. In this essay, I will discuss why technology is such an important part of education. In a subsequent piece, I will go through each item in detail.

Students are prepared to be informed citizens as a result of this course.

It is our responsibility as educators to train pupils to become citizens of the society in which we live. One of our key responsibilities as educators is to equip students with the tools they need to navigate this complicated environment and to use accessible technologies in their daily lives and activities.

There is no doubt that new technologies have brought a slew of new challenges for us to deal with. If we as educators are deeply concerned about the spread of misinformation as well as following details on social media sites, we must take care to educate our students on how to positively interact with others online as well as how to think critically about the information they find there.


We should teach children how to judge the reliability of internet material, how to discern true information in photos and videos, and how to make smarter decisions. If we wish to contribute to the development of a better society and a robust democracy, we must teach our kids how to navigate the digital environment.

Prepare students for their future careers.

It is our responsibility as educators to provide our students with the skills they will need to get a job. There is no doubt that work in the future will be significantly different than it is now. In fact, we are already seeing major changes in front of us now, machine automation has already had a massive political and economic impact on our society, automation is moving forward every day, and right now, the highest-paying jobs are given to those who can code. Of course, using technology and having a high level of thinking is a plus, but by not teaching pupils technical skills in the classroom, we are limiting their future work opportunities.

We must work to bridge the digital divide.

We have a digital divide, and it is the responsibility of educators to help close it. When educators talk about educational technology and the benefits that come with it, students will be encouraged, but we don’t hear about this; instead, what should be our priority is access to technology as well as technological skills.

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Our students have grown up with technology.

Another reason why we should use technology in education is that all students are digital natives, and all educators currently teach students to grow up with academic knowledge. Whether we like it or not, our students have a natural inculcation towards technology and social life, and this is what we should resolve together, they must use technology to do that, and we should embrace that.

Technology has the potential to make differentiation a reality.

Teachers in today’s classrooms are likely to have pupils with academic skills; for example, mathematics teachers may have students who lack foundational technological abilities; it is extremely difficult to teach two students with different levels of technology skills and expect the same results. Currently, available technology tools can make many instructions and operations a reality.

Technology can assist children in finding their voice.

Not all kids can grab in the classroom, but with videos, photographs, audio, recording, and so much more, students will have more options to communicate ideas in a method that makes sense, but it is faster and more efficient to share these ideas through technology.

Education technology is interesting.

If teachers ask students to do worksheets or classwork, they are likely to end up with a serious classroom management problem, or at the very least, some students who are bold and disengage from school. However, if teachers ask students to work in groups, plan, and add video skills, I am almost certain that students will be engaged and excited.

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Technology can assist teachers with their tasks.

There is little doubt that teachers are required to do more than they have time for; they must mark papers, respond to emails, attend meetings, and teach the entire class. Technology can minimize instructors’ burden by automating certain elements, and once teachers produce lessons with technology, those materials can be reused in subsequent years.

Technology allows pupils to discover new interests and talents.

Students might acquire interests and talents they did not realize they possessed through technology. For example, if you encourage students to create a podcast, they may develop an interest in podcasting, and by giving kids with the tools and knowledge required to do so, they will most likely do so.


There is no doubt that we live in a technological era, and technology is rapidly evolving. Don’t fall behind; teach your pupils how to use computers efficiently; this will benefit them in ways you can’t imagine. Everything is now technological.

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